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'UN' Monogram

open to offers


'Lion Shield' Mark

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'GH' Monogram

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'A' Mark

open to offers


logovault is a marketplace, by invite only users can list their unused logo’s available to be purchased. They might have been personal work or rejected concepts, but if the shoe fits, why not benefit from a well crafted logo!?

Nice! click ‘I want this’ and get in touch via the form, you will then receive a response within a few hours and we’ll hook up the dealio.

Some logos will have a price on them, others will be open to offers, unsure on a price to offer? we’ll happily help you negotiate.

Upon purchasing, copyright is transferred to you with confirmation from the creator, handed over is a PDF with your logo tucked inside ready to be used how you deem fit.

Please note the creator & logovault isn’t liable to make any amends and/or provide support unless stated.

logovault wants to sell only the coolest looking, creative logos that don’t have a home, with that in mind we have pretty high standards. You must hold ownership of the logo(s) and it can’t be ripping off someone elses work, cause that aint cool. If all the above rings true then great, let’s chat .  

logovault takes a 10% cut on each logo sold through the site, you pick your price, or stay open to offers.

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Carefully curated and designers vetted, logovault only hosts top quality creations for sale from talent all over the globe.

Looking to sell some of your great work on here? or want to know more about our service? use our chat and slide into the DM’s.

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